the design committee

The Design Committee at BMES provides a year-long creative and stimulating environment to learn engineering design concepts and practical skills, and prepares them to integrate the engineering mindset with broad design methodologies with different end products. Members meet weekly to attend workshops and work on projects covering Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign), fabricating and prototyping, CAD modeling (Fusion360), 3D printing and laser cutting, EECS topics (robotics, circuit designs, signal processing, control systems, website building, HCI, UI/UX design), website building, and design methodologies (ie. iterative design process, problem solving strategies, and more). We encourage members to consider real-world applications of design in bioengineering and engineering as a whole to end the year with an engineering+design portfolio. No semester is the same here, so there’s always something fresh and exciting. We hope you’ll join us at BMES Design Committee!