BMES hosts professional development events, workshops, formal dinners, tutorials, panels, and everything in between! Many of these events are open to the general public. We also spend time hanging out as a club playing games, traveling, volunteering, or just eating food together. Our goal is to ensure our club members’ success in the world of bioengineering and/or biotechnology; this could manifest in a research position, an internship, a job offer, or even a new best friend! Our five distinct committees help members to find their own idea of success, whatever that might look like to them.

meet the 2022 - 2023 Officers

Our hardworking, dedicated officer team ensures BMES is able to function well. Get to know each officer below!

Hihi! I’m Manasi and I’m a fourth year bioengineering major from Fremont, California. I love music, memes, and mocha-flavored anything! Some of my hobbies include singing, playing badminton, and fully utilizing that free AC Transit card to explore Berkeley. In the future, I hope to pursue some intersection of healthcare and technology either as a physician or through industry. I look forward to helping provide a welcoming community for you here in BMES this year! I’m always down to talk so feel free to hit me up if you ever need anything or want to hang out! Can’t wait to see you around 🙂

manasi kumar



Hey there! I’m Yuqing and I will be the Co-Vice President with Josiah for this school year! I am a Senior international student from Beijing, and I’m majoring in BioE with a concentration on medical devices. I get very excited to learn more about how signal processing and robotics may contribute to the medical field. I love the outdoors! You’ll probably find me spending my free time in Berkeley’s parks and trails, playing D&D with other Berkeley folks or crafting my next big project. Feel free to email with questions, queries or just to chat. Very excited to meet everyone this Fall, and in person!

yuqing wang

Co-vice President


Hello! I’m Josiah, a third year BioE major (medical devices concentration) from Bandung, Indonesia and I’m honored and excited to be one of the Co-VPs this year. My academic interests lie in biomimetic electronics and their applications to day-to-day life. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, listening to different genres of music, baking, and, in the one in a million chance rain falls in barren California, watch the rain fall. I’m down to meet new people so feel free to reach out. Peace.

josiah kim

Co-vice President


Hey! My name is Howard and I’m a fourth-year bioengineering major from Salt Lake City, Utah. I’m very excited to serve as your Treasurer for BMES this year!

When I’m out and about, I enjoy trying my hand (or legs, rather) at a nearby hike, exploring new nooks in Berkeley’s campus, or figuring out how to coax life into our chlorophyll-filled friends.

I’m always happy to chat about anything, so feel free to drop me a line if you ever want to talk!

howard ying



Hello! My name is PeiWen, and I am a senior studying bioengineering from Oakland, California. I am excited to serve as your Secretary this year! Currently, I am interested in the field of regenerative medicine and cellular therapies and hope to pursue a career related to the field in the future. In my free time, I love exploring various creative mediums but especially enjoy origami-making, illustrating and crocheting. Please feel free to reach out if you would like to chat about anything; I look forward to getting to know y’all this upcoming year! c:

peiwen xiao



Hey y’all! I’m Nicole and I’m a 3nd year bioengineering major from Sacramento, California. I’m most interested in regenerative medicine and hope to work in industry before potentially pursuing grad school. Once I get tired of corporate life, I want to become a high school math or biology teacher. In addition to BMES, I am also a part of Crossroads Christian fellowship and am more than happy to talk to you about church life if you are interested! Some of my favorite things include the color orange, sunflowers, fruit, sweatpants and this emoji:🥴. In my free time, I like to write, play basketball or volleyball (hit me up if you ever want to shoot around or pepper), and listen to Disney or Broadway music 🙂 Can’t wait to experience an in person semester with you all <3

nicole fong

Internal Operations Co-chair

[Email To Be Updated]

Hey! I’m Aalaya, the co-internal operations chair with Nicole and I’m a junior studying BioE with a focus in mechanical engineering and medical devices! Also, I’m originally from the Bay and am a huge caffeine addict so if you want coffee/matcha recs hmu 🙂 My (only?) other personality traits include my spotify (r&b >>), basketball, stuffed animals and rewatching tv shows as therapy 😛 I’m always down to talk so hit me up with questions about BioE+MechE, taking a co-op semester, or just to talk!!

aalaya wudaru

Internal Operations Co-chair

[Email To Be Updated]

Hi! I’m Max (she/her, Libra, INFJ, 3w2). I’m a senior majoring in BioE with a “concentration” in plant-based foods and entrepreneurship, and minoring in toxicology. I’m super excited to be your PR chair for this year!

My BioE interests span anything that promotes healthcare accessibility and pharma, and my plans (so far) include going to grad school, eventually entering industry, and getting more involved in my startup endeavors.

My non-BioE interests include streaming on Twitch, “forcing” my friends to make Tik Toks with me, and trying out every Starbucks drink possible.

If any of these things sound cool, feel free to hmu! See you around campus!


Public RElations Chair


Hey! I’m Harry Albers, a third year Bioengineering major, and I’m very excited to be the co-chair of the Academic Committee alongside Vienna this year! I’m interested in biomaterials, biomolecules, and cell and tissue engineering, and I currently intend on pursuing further study in these fields. In my free time, I like playing guitar and listening to music! I’m always happy to talk, so feel free to message me about anything!

Harry Albers

academic co-chair


Hi! I’m Vienna, and I’m a second-year bioengineering major from Redwood City, California. I’m very excited to be one of the Academic co-chairs with Harry this year! Within bioengineering, I’m interested in regenerative medicine as well as synthetic and computational biology, and I’ve done research with stem cell engineering as well as clinical disease modeling. Outside of academics and BMES, I love to read, cook/bake, write calligraphy, listen to music (my music taste matches my old-soul spirit) and explore the food scenes within the greater Bay Area! Please feel free to reach out if you want to chat, and I look forward to working with you all this year! <3

Vienna Huang

academic co-chair


Hello! I’m Kalynna and I’m a 3rd year from San Jose, which means that you can always find me trying new food spots or with a boba in my hand. Most of the time though, I’m holed up in my apartment rewatching my comfort shows/movies: Avatar the Last Airbender, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and Criminal Minds are some of the (very) few. In the future I hope to be working with medical device companies, where I hope to be designing more fixtures on Fusion360 or SolidWorks to bring my ideas to life. Feel free to hit me up if you want to chat or have any questions for me, and looking forward to meeting everyone soon <3!

Kalynna Tang

BioE Banquet chair


Hi! I’m Haley Mozier and I’m a second year bioengineering major from Clovis, California. As of right now, I’m planning on working in industry after college and then potentially going to grad school. For the 2022-23 school year, I’ll be co-chair of Corporate Committee with Rushil! In my free time I love listening to music, drinking iced coffee, traveling, and doing just about anything with friends. Personally, I think that “Supercut” by Lorde, the Mocha Tesora from Philz, tote bags, and Trader Joe’s are some of the greatest things ever. I can’t wait to meet you all and have a really great year in BMES! Feel free to reach out if you want to hang out, chat, or have any questions for me :))

Haley Mozier

Corporate co-chair


Hi! I’m Rushil, a junior from Bakersfield in central California, and I’ll be your co-Corporate chair with Haley for the 2022-23 school year! I’m studying bioengineering and am interested in the administrative/business side of the biotech industry, especially corporate management. My plans for the future involve working in industry/consulting before getting my MBA and then climbing the corporate ladder. Outside of school, I’m a big fan of any and all racket sports, hanging out with friends, watching basketball, hiking, reading, and listening to music. I love meeting new people, so feel free to reach out if you want to hang out or anything. Looking forward to a great year!

Rushil Desai

Corporate co-chair


Hi ya’ll! I’m Alex and I’m a second year BioE/MechE major with a concentration in biomedical devices. I’ll be one of your Design Committee Co-chairs for this year, and I’m super excited for all of the events we have planned for this year.

I hope to develop assistive tools and medicine for those with physical and mental disabilities, and my interests within bioengineering lie within designing technology for accessibility.

Outside of BMES, I follow all sorts of sports and games, and I enjoy listening to all types of music (yes, even country).

We’re always looking to try out new and different things here in the Design Committee, and we’re excited to see you soon!

alex min

Design co-chair


Hello! I’m Noelle, and I’m one of the Design co-chairs this year! I’m a third year BioE-MSE joint major from socal specifically interested in prosthesis and biomaterials. I hope to go into some sort of prosthesis after graduate school; I’m currently really interested in polymeric biomaterials and how they are used for implantable prosthetics. Outside of school, I spend a lot of my time making digital art, playing video games (hmu if you play tft), and listening to music. My music taste is quite literally everything, and I am always looking to expand it further so feel free to send me any recommendations. :–) I hope to see you around, and I’m so excited for this year with BMES and Design! <3

Noelle Humphrey

Design co-chair


Hi! I’m Yoga and I am a second year bioengineering major. This is my second year in BMES and I will be one of the co-chairs of the Outreach Committee. I am specifically interested in medical devices but am excited to explore other branches of bioengineering also! I have interned at a nonprofit, Brightline Defense, where I analyzed the air quality in different neighborhoods in San Francisco. My interests include painting, digital art, reading nonfiction, baking, volunteering, getting boba with friends (my go to boba drink is taro!), and trying out different cafes around Berkeley. Feel free to reach out to ask any questions or just to chat about anything!

Yoga Kanneboina

outreach co-chair


Hello! I’m Lucile, and I’m super stoked to be one of your Outreach Chairs along with Yoga. I’m a second year majoring in bioengineering with a concentration in imaging. I’m also a premed and trying to be a Data Science minor. I describe my hobbies/interests as a talk show because there are the permanent hosts (basketball, hiking, and trees) and guests that cycle through quickly (baking and watching clips of old TV shows are the current ones). Feel free to hit me up to discover the featured guests of the week or just to chat about anything. I look forward to this school year with y’all!

lucile zhu

outreach co-chair