the BioE banquet committee

BioE Banquet is an annual networking and dinner event that brings together students, faculty, graduate students, and alumni; it is completely organized by the BioE Banquet Committee. At the dinner, attendees and guests will be able to share their experiences, and it provides an early opportunity to create important connections. This is the BMES’ largest event, and the BioE Banquet Committee is integral to the success of it. The committee is not strictly limited to planning, but it’s also dedicated to an experience that benefits its members. Members enjoy opportunities to build connections with professors, graduate students, and alumni during the planning process and will learn what it means to work collaboratively with internal and external parties. In fact, the committee but also dedicated to being a supportive group for our members. Teamwork and individual growth are emphasized, and members are welcomed into their own little family. We hope to see you in our BioE Banquet Committee!