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The Biomedical Engineering Society student chapter is the largest bioengineering club on campus. We serve as a vibrant community dedicated to professional, academic, and social development in bioengineering. BMES members are students of unique backgrounds, identities, and areas of study. Our club welcomes anyone with an interest in the field.
We invite you to get involved by applying to a committee, and engaging with us at our events throughout the school year!


Applications are now live!

Committee Applications are due on September 15th at 11:59 pm. General Member applications have a rolling deadline.

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watch this series about past members’ experiences, give our new podcast a listen, and attend our meet & greet next monday on discord!

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Our Committees


The Academic Committee organizes and hosts events aimed towards undergraduate academic success and exploration in post-undergraduate paths, such as graduate school or medical school.


BioE Banquet is an annual networking and dinner event that brings together students, faculty, graduate students, and alumni; it is completely organized by the BioE Banquet Committee. 


Interested in getting involved with the biotechnology industry but unsure how to start? You’ve come to the right place! 


The Design Committee provides a creative and stimulating environment to learn design concepts and practical skills. 

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The BMES Outreach Committee is all about understanding the bioengineering community and building relationships with those in and around that community.

BMES research database is in development! want your research to be featured? interested in research opportunities? send an email to calbmes.academic@gmail.com

socials, networking, events, and more!

Join a vibrant and diverse community! Get involved on a general member level, a committee member level, or an officer level.